My latest Facebook update. No, it’s quite interesting.

LinkedInI’ve just had a look at LinkedIn after being locked out of my account for a couple of years. What a horrendous experience.

Looking at the accounts of names from the past, most of whom are exaggerating their work experiences (you know who you are) and overstating their achievements by at least a 100%; I know, because I was there at the same time as they were.

And poncing about with their stupid aggrandising job titles, which are meaningless and being full of their own self importance. *Shudder*.

And the years haven’t been kind to some folk based on the photo’s they’ve chosen to use.

Before I log out of my LinkedIn account for the next few years I just need to update my profile details…

“Exceptional award winning writer who has topped the Sunday Times Best Seller list four years in a row with his pithy account of life in a hamlet which has been widely acknowledged by the great and the good as ‘one of the most brilliantly written memoirs ever written’ (Stephen Fry).

“I previously ran all the Fortune 100 intranet and social media systems single handedly whilst running 52 marathons a year, selling out stadia around the world as a rockstar and splitting the atom in my spare time. In my shed. Using just a chisel.

“The rest of the time I ran for US President but lost out to that orange twat Trump.”

That should generate some interest.