A couple of weeks later….

Since we launched our new homepage design, feedback has been flooding in. As you can imagine, it’s wide and varied, but a couple of major themes have emerged.

  1. People generally like the new uncluttered design with it’s simplistic style.
  2. Users want the opportunity to add their own links. This is something our testing didn’t throw up (or we didn’t appreciate the amount of people who had added their own links to the previous site) so we’ve now introduced new functionality that allows users to add their own links, whilst maintaining the list of popular default links that can also be used.
  3. There are a bunch of errors that need to be fixed.

Our next steps include;

  1. Creation of templates, used with the content management system to allow publishers to make use of a consistent approach and design and concentrate on the content, not site development. These will be inline with the BBC’s internet.
  2. Fix the errors.
  3. Research how people use the search engine and make improvements accordingly.
  4. Look to see what additional functionality we can introduce using Sharepoint 2007.

What do you think?

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