Our priorities

to-do-list A few posts ago, I outlined what we had on our “to-do” list following the launch of the BBC’s new Gateway homepage which included;

  1. Creation of templates, used with the content management system to allow publishers to make use of a consistent approach and design and concentrate on the content, not site development. These will be inline with the BBC’s internet.
  2. Fix the reported errors/bugs.
  3. Research how people use the search engine and make improvements accordingly.
  4. Look to see what additional functionality we can introduce using Sharepoint 2007.
We’ve done these, except the Sharepoint functionality, which is being constrained by ongoing commercial discussion with our IT supplier, so now what’s next?
Some of our priorities for the next three/six months – in no particular order;
  • move further toward more effective “self service” for the publishing community. Beef up our on-line support materials and increase the range of “how to” videos online to further help and reduce calls/queries from the publishers.
  • reduce further the number of intranet sites not managed by the enterprise content management system – delete those sites that aren’t being managed.
  • improve the performance of the content management system. It’s running like a dog at times. Beef up the engine and pour more petrol in it. Not literally obviously.
  • increase the number of existing sites that use the recently introduced templated approach which also includes improved measurement tools and the inclusion of the common Global Navigation Bar and standardised footer.
  • widen the scope of the intranet development team to take on corporate internet activities. We’re planning on being fully “open for business” in the new financial year, and we’re currently adopting a similar business model for our development activity externally as we are internally; one content management system, a set of templates providing a wide range of functionality and clear ownership of content by editorial teams. This will reduce overall development and ongoing operational spend.
  • analyse intranet survey results and recommend next set of deliverables to the business.
  • understand and implement forthcoming organisational changes.

What do you think?

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