We’ve done some analysis on how people use our internal search engine. Hereby follows a list of the top 20 words used to find stuff within the BBC. This top 20 totals a mere 18% of search requests; the other 82% is presumably even more random (I have one of my team looking at it at the moment – I think they’re going to be gone some time).

As you can see we have some wonderfully named systems in the BBC, which seemingly need to be tracked down pretty regularly by their users.

1. google 2. elvis (not Presley – Elvis is the name of our stills library) 3. journalism portal 4. my details (mis-spelling of myDetails)
5. autorot (access to recorded programmes) 6. siemens 7. expenses 8. webkiosk (scheduling of leave and people)
9. mydetails 10. davina (not McCall – this is an application that allows users to search for available media online). 11. pensions 12. p4a (critical post production paperwork application  – eh?
13. proteus (not a drug – or at least I don’t think so – something to do with music licensing I reckon – the actual website doesn’t enlighten me) 14. pension 15. dv solutions 16. jportal (the brand name for the journalism portal)
17. training 18. fastclear (clearance of copyrighted material) 19. mydeals 20. jobs

What do you think?

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