Social media

Some years ago – probably six, I was having dinner with friends when the conversation turned to social media – or “social meeedja” as we called it then. My dinner partners didn’t really know what it was, and to be honest neither did I. facebook-logo

As I outlined my understanding of what I thought it was, it became patently obvious that I actually knew very little about it, but I did know that Facebook was around and people had started to use it. I opened my account on 18 September 2007, but hadn’t really used it much, as not many of my friends had accounts, so it was all somewhat boring back then to be honest.

One of my fellow diners got quite agitated when I suggested that within the next couple of years, social media would be everywhere and anywhere and that most people would be involved. She stated something along the lines of  “I’m far too busy to use such nonsense and it’s not going to last.”

Skip forward a few years and I wonder is she’s now using some social media channel(s) to communicate and keep up to date with her friends? I have no idea, as she’s no longer a friend of mine, but if she was on Facebook back in 2007, she probably would still be.


What do you think?

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