Recruitment and estate agents & used car salesmen……

There is very little difference between all three……

So; job hunting. How’s it going Phil?

Alright actually.

Except when it comes to dealing with recruitment consultants. Obviously.

During the past few months, and because of my circumstances, I’ve had to deal with recruitment consultants, used car salesmen and estate agents; and my girlfriend has also had to deal with solicitors. So, between us, we’ve had to run the gamut that is the world’s least regarded “professional” careers.


They all spout crap about undertaking their business to meet their clients interests, but there is only one interest as far as they’re concerned; making money – for themselves. At anyone’s expense.

If they think you can turn a few quid in for them, then they’re so far up your arse it’s uncomfortable. Once they realise there’s nothing in it for themselves, they’re like ex partners with a dose; long gone and nowhere to be seen.

Now. I don’t rely on recruitment consultants to find me my next job. If i did, I’ll be looking for work for many years to come. I don’t rely on that phone call or email from the latest pimp to come a-knocking at my door. I work it. I use them and they use me. But I don’t allow them to use me more than I feel comfortable with.

At the end of the day they do their stuff and it works like this.

  1. they see my details on Linked In or a job noticeboard
  2. they contact me – gushing with praise and state what a great bloke I am and how my CV is the best they’ve ever seen……..yadda yadda………
  3. we chat – they put me forward for a job. I only allow them to do so if I’m actually interested in the gig. Which is where myself and recruitment consultants differ. Enormously.
  4. now this is where things deviate;
    1. I get an interview – they’re all over me, until the conclusion – they either get the fee, or they disregard me for ever – the result is the same whatever the outcome
    2. I don’t get an interview and all of a sudden my calls and emails go unanswered. I’m no longer of interest to them. What a surprise.
  5. The process starts again with another pimp.

steve mcqueen

We dance around each other……..

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