Twitter grows by 40%

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So Twitter usage is growing faster than Facebook or Google +, globally according to a new study.

What are we to make of this “revelation”?

My first thoughts are “what will this mean to business social media and collaboration?”

In reality, probably very little in the short term. After all, most companies are still awaiting the arrival of an effective micro-blogging, or other social media tools internally to supplement the more traditional communications methods. Whilst more organisations have an intranet of some description, and most are still in different stages of maturity, very few have really embraced the value offered by social business, according to Nielsen; although these numbers are increasing – albeit slowly.

This doesn’t come as any surprise to me to be honest.

Whilst the intranet industry advancements are swifter than other disciplines, and can be measured in dog years, it seems to me that only the more innovative communication leaders who are willing to consider on-line discussions and accept feedback in an open and collaborative space, will help drive their organisations to be even more successful.

Who would you prefer to work for? A “secretive” company that merely “tells you things”, or a forward thinking organisation that engages with its people on a regular basis?

It’s a no brainer surely?


The social workplace; plain speaking

Wondering where to start when trying to get your head around this social business collaboration malarky?

When people ask me what I do, and I tell them I work in the social business collaboration industry, they usually respond with a blank look. As soon as I mention “It’s similar to Facebook” they nod business

Most folks have a Facebook account, or if they have decided not to open one, they instantly understand what it means. Facebook is ubiquitous. It’s everywhere and so should be your business information. You shouldn’t be constrained by firewalls (the security that stops un-authorised users accessing internal organisational information) and what device you’re using. For a business to be successful, people want, and need, access to information when it suits them. Not when it suits the IT department.

For people to understand what we’re doing we need to talk to them in language they understand, which maybe very different to the words we use.

Instead of “taxonomies” and “folksonomies” use “tags” and “categories” “that help user find information quickly and easily.” Simple language that everyone can understand. And if they still don’t get it – show them. We all have different learning styles, and what works for one person doesn’t work for everyone. We’re all unique, so treat everyone differently. One size doesn’t fit all.

What does Enterprise 2.0 mean? It means collaborating within your place of work, communicating and sharing stuff. That’s what it means.

There are many blogs available that outline social business and collaborative approaches, including how it’s done, why it should be done and what the benefits are of doing it.

Some of my favourites include;

Check them out. They won’t bamboozle you with jargon – they tell it how it is, in simple speak; just like me in fact.

New approach, new opportunities.

groupm logoHaving left the BBC behind, last March, I went to work for GroupM, which is the parent company for six advertising media companies.

I was responsible for deploying social business collaborative software (Jive) to all the agencies and during my time there, learnt lots of new things and really immersed myself into the world of social collaboration. I had a great experience and thoroughly enjoyed myself working with a great group of people and got to understand how social business software (SBS) can help to change the way a company communicates internally.

I’ve now moved on again and am currently looking for a new opportunity to transform a company’s intranet from a primarily static entity, into a social space whereby all employees can easily find people, experts and information using an interface that’s not only intuitive but also fun to use.

This new approach will improve efficiency in organisations, so if you’re looking for someone to help you transform your intranet, then please get in touch.

You can get me on 0784 213 9463 or